And how does it affect Latymer?

Rape culture is a systemic issue. It can be defined as a system or a culture in which sexual violence is treated as a norm. In such systems, victims are often blamed for their own sexual assaults. Perpetrators of sexual violence are not dealt with appropriately allowing them to continue to cause harm. Although rape culture is predominantly about sexual violence, it extends past this. It is also about systems that protect or justify the acts of a perpetrator. Women are also expected to go above and beyond to avoid sexual assaults happening to them.

Recently, a page known as Everyone's Invited asked victims of rape culture to submit their personal experiences. This is when It became public that there is a serious and ongoing problem at Latymer.

Students took the opportunity to anonymously talk about their experiences and express how they feel. Students (mainly female) talked about their experiences of how their male counterparts would (repeatedly) sexually assault them.

Rape culture at Latymer is also being perpetuated by male teachers, with one of the members of the Latymer teaching staff asking students "what do you do in the shower" and saying things like "you are such a wild horse". This student's statement went on to say that this is the reason they didn't take the subject taught by the teacher for A-Levels.

Multiple reports indicated that the school either knew about or had some idea of some form of abuse going on but did nothing to address the issue.

This is absolutely inappropriate and outrageous and this must END.